Digital Life 2021: Cross-project meetings

The possibility of harvesting synergies between projects and exchange of competence is one of the benefits of being part of DLN. We encourage you to schedule a meeting with other Digital Life Norway projects at the conference and apply for cross-project funding from us after the conference.

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We have booked rooms in Oslo Science Park where you can meet and will provide lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Registration form cross-project meetings and lunch

Please register by 28 October to let us know how many persons plan to meet and at what timeslot. This will allow us to order the appropriate amount of food and make sure that we have sufficient space for all planned meetings. One registration per meeting is sufficient. Make sure to schedule your meetings before lunch if you want to attend the know-how workshop 1 PM–4 PM.

Examples of cross-projects activities could be exchange of competence, methods, small pilot projects, workshops, research visits etc.

We will follow any COVID-19 regulations at the time the event. All who have signed up, will be updated if we make any changes to the event.


Part of the Digital Life 2021 conference.
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Published Aug. 31, 2021 2:22 PM - Last modified Oct. 13, 2021 3:23 PM