Digital Life 2021: Know-how workshop on IPR in digital biotech

What is the value that you have created in your work and what strategy should you choose to manage your intellectual property rights (IPR)? In this workshop we want to make you aware of your own values and IPR and give you the tools to get started on designing an IPR strategy and landscaping your field. The aim is to get you to take ownership of your processes and values.

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Workshop for members of Digital Life Norway (DLN) projects. We highly recommend that more than one person from each research project signs up, so you can get advice on your IP strategy, and have good discussions on what you have learned and continue the work on your strategy when you are back at your office. Limited number of places for the hands-on part. The talks are streamed and can be watched from another conference room in Oslo Science Park with other DLN researchers. Researchers who are not affiliated with DLN projects, may sign up, and will get a place if we have spare places. 

You may also sign up to watch streaming of the talks online.

About the workshop

This workshop is a follow-up on the know-how webinars on IPR in digital biotech spring 2021. As we wrote when we launched the webinars in collaboration with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) IPR in digital biotech is a challenging field that has not been extensively addressed yet, but is important to explore since some IP decisions should be made early.

We hope that the webinars have given you the basics on IPR. But how do you really get started on your IP work and make strategic decisions on what to protect, why, how, where and when?

In this workshop you will learn about strategic thinking and IPR in research projects, such as whether and when to file a patent application, depending on the circumstances and project timelines. What scope of protection should you aim at, i.e. how narrow or wide should the initial patent be in relation to further patenting, ongoing research and enforceability? We will address IPR and the advantages of keeping a level of secrecy during the various phases of a commercialisation process, and what needs to be in place to make your invention attractive to investors.

We have invited Onsagers to talk about IP strategy, and its relevance with regard to succeeding with your commercialisation, including aspects such as patent life cycle management, relevance of timing, relevance of scope, etc. and also touching into what investors and potential partners may be looking for.

A successful strategy is an informed strategy. The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) will give and introduction to what information can be gathered from the patent literature. There is and increasing amount of publications within healthcare and life science. In the patent literature you may find information useful in the different  commercialisation phases. NIPO will provide the tools to get you started.

We also want you to meet with Onsagers and NIPO face to face to get some hands-on practice using cases or get some free advice on your own IPR strategy.

12:00–13:00 Lunch is served in Toppsenteret

Programme in Toppsenteret

13:00   Welcome

13:05   Talks from Onsagers

13:45   Talks from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO)

14:15   Break

14:30   Group work and/or 1:1 with representatives from Onsagers and NIPO

15:50   Closing remarks

About Onsagers

Onsagers is a full-service Intellectual Property law firm supporting Norwegian and international organizations in strengthening their competitive advantages through professional handling and protection of intellectual assets. With close to 50 patent attorneys and attorneys at law we offer extensive experience, covering the entire area of IP – from pre-filing analyses to court proceedings, and all matters in between. We offer a 'one-stop-shop', where patent attorneys and attorneys at law work in close collaboration. 

About NIPO

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) registers trademarks, designs and patents in Norway. The primary role of NIPO is to promote innovation and value creation. NIPO is a government authority organised under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. 


NOTE COVID-19: Please follow national recommendation and stay at home if you have any symptoms of respiratory tract infections. Then you may rather watch the streaming of the talks.


The workshop is a part of the Digital Life 2021 conference.
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