Digital Life conference

Digital Life 2021

The annual conference for the Centre for Digital Life Norway
11 November with public pre-event 10 November – in Oslo and online

We welcome all who are already affiliated with the centre; are curious about the centre and are considering to apply for project membership; or just want to learn more about digital biotechnology and transdisciplinarity.

Please sign up for the know-how workshop in the afternoon session and/or the plenary talks in the evening session. All the talks at these sessions are streamed, and you may sign up to join online. You may also schedule cross-project meetings to discuss collaboration to apply for funding from the centre. We will serve food before the afternoon and the evening sessions and have a social gathering after the evening session.

Registration deadline 28 October.

You are also welcome to join the public event at Kulturhuset 10 November.



Cross-project meetings to apply for funding of cross-project activities

The possibility of harvesting synergies between projects and exchange of competence is one of the benefits of being part of the centre. Examples of such activities could be exchange of competence, methods, small pilot projects, workshops, research visits etc.

We encourage you to schedule a meeting with other Digital Life Norway projects at the conference and apply for cross-project funding from us by 1 December.  

Read more about the cross-project meetings and funding opportunities, register your meeting plans and sign up for lunch

Afternoon session

12–13: Lunch
For participants of cross-project meetings and know-how workshop.
Sign up for the lunch when you register for any of these parts. 
We will have a separate room where PIs of Digital Life Norway may meet at lunch. 


Know-how workshop on IPR in digital biotech

What is the value that you have created in your work and what strategy should you choose to manage your intellectual property rights (IPR)?

In this workshop we want to make you aware of your own values and IPR and give you the tools to get started on designing an IPR strategy and landscaping your field. The aim is to get you to take ownership of your processes and values. In collaboration with the intellectual property law firm Onsagers and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). You may also sign up to watch streaming of the talks online.

Read more about the workshop, see the programme and register for the workshop and lunch

or if you are not attending the workshop


Continue cross-project meetings to apply for funding of cross-project activities

Read more about the cross-project meetings, register your meeting plans and sign up for lunch

Evening session

16–17: Food and beverage
For participants of the evening session.
Sign up for food and beverage when you sign up for the evening session.

Plenary event on how we can strengthen Norwegian biotechnology. With inspiring talks on omics, gender equality and transdisciplinarity

  • The power of statistical omics in biomedicine (tentative title) 
    Sach Mukherjee, PhD, Director of Research in Machine Learning for Biomedicine at the MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge and Head of Statistics and Machine Learning at the DZNE, one of Germany's major biomedical institutions.
  • The European Commission Gender Equality strategy
    June Lowery-Kingston, Head of Unit for Accessibility, Multilingualism, Safer Internet at DG CNECT in the European Commission
  • From metagenomes to therapeutics: the human microbiome
    Julia Oh, PhD, Associate Professor, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.
  • Digital Life: Trans or Straight? – launch of white paper on transdisciplinarity with panel debate
    Maria Hesjedal and Roger Strand, DLN

You may also sign up to watch streaming of the talks online.

Read more about the talks at the plenary event and register for the event, food and beverage and social gathering

20.30– Social gathering with refreshments

For participants of the evening session.
Sign up for the social gathering when you sign up for the evening session.



Data analyses that save lives – science not fiction

Seven young researchers affiliated with the centre will talk about their work at this public event. Their topics cover the COVID-19 pandemic, the brain, cancer, salmon, the microbiome, environmental surveillance and biodiversityThe event is tailored towards a young audience. You may also sign up to watch streaming of the talks online.

See the programme and sign up (in Norwegian)

20– Social gathering for participants of public event

Not a project member of Digital Life Norway yet?

Check our new open call for project membership.

Practical information

The conference is free of charge, but you have to pay for any travel and accommodation yourself. We encourage participants from Bergen and Trondheim to go home by train after the plenary event 11 November. For those who need to catch a flight, we will provide transport to the airport right after the plenary event.

We plan for a physical conference following any local and national COVID-19 regulations. Should the COVID-19 situation change for the worse, we will change our plans for physical gatherings accordingly.

Please contact communications adviser Norunn Torheim on if you have any questions.

Note: In June we announced that we would organise an AI workshop 12 November with several Norwegian AI actors. The programme committee wants to continue the discussion on how to establish an AI network in life sciences before they announce any workshops.