Basic Research and industrial translation-the ultimate blend

The invited Volterra Lecture at UiT co-hosted by DigiBiotics is given by Prof Inger Sandlie who successfully have combined the role as innovator and researcher.


Time & Place: 14:15 - 15:00, 7 December 2017 at Aud 3, MH-building, Campus UiT  


Inger Sandlie is a professor at the Department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo and also holds a position as researcher at Oslo University Hospital. She leads an active research group at the Centre for Immune Regulation. They focus on protein engineering to unravel novel mechanisms of immune regulation.

Together with her collaborators, she has created a culture for innovation. The group works with the technology transfer office of the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, they collaborate with biotechnology companies abroad, and they have also started two biotechnology companies located in Oslo that do very well, Vaccibody A/S and Nextera A/S. All is based on excellent basic research.

Over the years, some of Sandlie’s students and collaborators have been extremely creative, whereas most have other skills that are equally important for the group to succeed. During the lecture: “Basic research and industrial translation-the ultimate blend” Sandlie will tell stories about some of the research projects that have led to industrial translation. The purpose is to inspire and provide food for thought.

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