Crash course in navigating your PhD

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  • Supervisor-student communication
  • Work environment
  • Know your rights
  • Identify your needs for personal productivity

The course is also relevant (and open) to postdoctors.

Starting an academic career as a PhD or postdoc is often very rewarding as you get to immerse yourself in your favorite scientific challenges, learn new things every day and work with colleagues equally dedicated to science as yourself. However, it often comes with challenges or obstacles that could be related to the scientific work itself, or to the psychosocial work environment, for example problems communicating and collaborating with supervisors and colleagues. 

As a fresh PhD student or postdoc, it is not always easy to be aware of all the written and unwritten rules in the academic setting, and many often lack experience in handling work related conflicts. Young researchers may react too late when conflict occur, which can make the situation difficult to turn around. In this course we will focus on the importance of a good psychosocial work environment and on how young researchers can influence their own situation at work. Our goal is to give the participants a set of tools to better prepare them for any challenging situation they may meet in the academic work environment, and to share positive experiences for an efficient and fruitful progression of their PhD or Postdoc.

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