Digital Frukost - Somatic and germ-line aspects of cancer-related deep sequencing

We are happy to announce that prof. Eivind Hovig (University of Oslo & Oslo University Hospital) will give a talk this time. He will talk about their experiences from the sequencing work in the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium, collaboration with deCODE on analyzing the genetic landscape of Norwegians and about the variant frequency data base.

"Digital Frukost" is an open breakfast seminar series focusing on research activities at the interface between the biological sciences and that of mathematics, computer science, physics or engineering. Examples of such research activities could be mathematical or computational modeling of biological systems, application of engineering/control systems theory on biological systems or inspired by biological systems, application of mathematics/statistics/machine learning to analyze big data in health or marine sector; from sensor systems, imaging or omics technologies etc.

For more details and registration use this link.


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Published Oct. 8, 2020 1:38 PM - Last modified Oct. 8, 2020 1:38 PM