Digital Life Norway meets dScience – how can Norwegian biotechnology benefit from cross-centre collaboration?

The Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) and dScience – Centre for Computational and Data Science at UiO have many overlapping areas of interest that can be exploited to strengthen digital life sciences and biotechnology in Norway. We invite researchers in the centres and digital life science and biotechnology researchers at UiO to meet the management of both centres to discuss the needs and explore the possibilities for collaboration.

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  • Short presentations of both centres.
  • dScience will present the new data storage service at UiO. How can researchers in DLN and dScience benefit from this service? Do the service cover the needs within the centres or do researchers have other needs that the centres should address?
  • DLN will introduce you to a couple of important data management issues – added value through domain specific community metadata standards and code and workflow preservation – that are relevant for separate future webinars. DLN will also give a short presentation of the the innovation project. How can researchers in both DLN and dScience benefit from the project?

About the centres

  • dScience – Centre for Computational and Data Science at UiO was launched 1 January 2021. One month later, DLN 2.0 – the second five-year period of the Centre for Digital Life Norway was launched with NTNU, UiO, UiB, NMBU, SINTEF, OUS and UiT as owner institutions. dScience, even though owned by UiO, has strong connections to many of the other owner institutions of DLN.
  • Both centres are concerned with inter-/transdisciplinary research with data science as a core premise. While DLN is dealing with biotechnology/life sciences covering both health, aquaculture, agriculture and industry, dScience is focusing on health, energy, ocean, finance and mobility.
  • Both centres have close links to ELIXIR Norway the national node of the European infrastructure for biological information, supporting life science research and its translation to medicine, environment, the bioindustries and society. 
  • For DLN the core activity is support and guidance in data management, cross-project-collaboration, responsible research and innovation, innovation and industry collaborration and career development with a special focus on the centre’s 35 transdisciplinary digital biotechnology projects. dScience will support and initiate research projects across disciplines, industrial and public sectors, offer data science resources and services, support education and supervision.
  • Both centres are concerned with storing and sharing data based on the FAIR principles for data management and stewardship – Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse. 
  • dScience will host a new co-working space at UiO that the Oslo office of DLN will be a part of.

Participants from the centres

From dScience:

  • centre leader, professor Morten Dæhlen, UiO
  • head of digital resources, Gard Thomassen, assistant director USIT UiO
  • communications adviser, Eva Michelsen Ekroll, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UiO

From dScience & DLN: 

  • member of dScience Council; and member of expert task force and leader of the innovation project in DLN, professor Arnoldo Frigessi, UiO

From DLN:

  • leader of the data and models focus area and member of expert task force, professor Inge Jonassen, UiB
  • senior adviser data management, Korbinian Bösl, UiB
  • senior adviser data and models, Marta Eide, UiB
  • senior adviser innovation and industry collaboration, Beate Rygg Johnsen, UiO
  • communications adviser, Norunn K. Torheim, UiO
Published Mar. 19, 2021 9:19 AM - Last modified Apr. 29, 2021 7:58 AM