Know-how webinar on open innovation in bioinformatics

Open innovation and bioinformatics – from biological insights to algorithmic solutions. For researchers who are developing bioinformatics solutions. 

Academic employees can access the recording of the webinar by logging on to our webinar material webpage with their FEIDE user.

The webinars are tailored towards researchers in the Centre for Digital Life Norway, but free and open to all in Norwegian academia. In collaboration with ELIXIR.

Open innovation and digital biotech


  • What is open innovation?
  • How can I use open data for my business?  
  • What are possible open source/data business models?


  • 09:00–09:05: Welcome
    Korbinian Bösl, senior engineer for data management, Centre for Digital Life Norway & ELIXIR Norway
  • 09:05–10:30: Open innovation and digital biotech
    Katharina Lauer, Senior Industry Officer, ELIXIR Hub

Katharina Lauer

About Katharina Lauer

Kathi is in charge of the ELIXIR industry programme. ELIXIR is an inter-governmental organisation with the aim to coordinate bioinformatics infrastructure services, such as databases, compute services, or analysis tools and enable open innovation by researchers in industry and academia. Kathi holds a PhD in medical sciences with a focus on virology, vaccines and data driven applications in global health and is currently part of the executive MBA program at the Judge Business School. She further acts as an advisory consultant for the Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge program to support an innovation mindset in postdoctoral researchers, and encourage entrepreneurial activities at the University of Cambridge. Kathi further leads a collaborative research project with the Freie Universität Berlin looking into the different ways companies generate value from openly available bio-data and hosts a podcast about the rapid developing bioinformatics industry - Data for Life.


The Centre for Digital Life Norway
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