Transdisciplinary life science – a Digital Life Norway course

This course is for all PhD students and postdoctors who want to learn more about working on transdisciplinary research projects within biotechnology and the life sciences.

The main part of the course will be to work directly on a pre-defined research project, with a highly skilled supervisor and a transdisciplinary team. There will be special focus and training on how to work in teams with a common goal, how to implement the principles of RRI (responsible research and innovation) in your research, and data management. Participants with a background in life sciences, biotechnology, bioinformatics, mathematics, or computer science are encouraged to apply, in addition to students from the humanities with an interest in biotechnology.

  • Fluctuations in fluorescence imaging for nanoscopy of living and fixed cells. Krishna Agarwal, UiT.
  • Integrative -omics analysis for improved characterization of breast cancer. Tone Bathen & Guro Giskeødegård, NTNU.
  • Multiomics data analysis in toxicology. Nello Blaser, UiB.
  • The in silico patient: perspectives for therapy design. Martin Kuiper, Astrid Lægreid, Rune Nydal, NTNU.
  • Network inference using single cell gene expression data. Anagha Joshi, UiB.

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