Innovation and industry involvement – creating value through digital biotech

Digital life = transformative innovation

Research within biotechnology is being revolutionized by digitalization. By the aid of digital and computational methods, we can analyze and integrate high dimensional data, and utilize this in advanced modelling. This enables us to solve questions and generate knowledge in totally new ways. The approach opens for disruptive innovations, reduces costs and risks in biotech developments, leading to increased profitability and investment interest. The connection between enabling biotechnology and powerful digital tools are truly transformative and will give unexpected opportunities.

From research to value – innovation in the centre

The centre’s 17 research projects and 6 partner projects are selected on a basis of a transdisciplinary approach applied on a biological system with implications for a societal challenge, such as supporting sustainable growth in aquaculture or healthy brain function and mental illness. All projects in the centre develop or use computational methods and approaches. The projects have a clear aim and ambition that their efforts will contribute to future solutions and value creation within the areas of health, marine, agriculture and forestry, or process industry. The centre's hub has advisors that support the member projects to create innovation and accelerate commercialization originating from their research.

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Temporarily closed for applications from researchers and industry. PhD students and postdocs may become members of the research school.

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • University of  Bergen
  • University of Oslo
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Universitety of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway