Can we find the solution to the antibiotic resistance crisis in the ocean? Video presentations now available

- See video presentations from leading researchers recorded on Forskningsdagene 2022, the Norwegian annual research festival, exploring if we can find the solution to the antibiotic resistance crisis in the ocean.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today. A growing number of infections are becoming harder to treat as the antibiotics used to treat them become less effective. In addition to reducing the overuse of antibiotics, we need to discover and bring new antibiotics to market. This is a formidable challenge that was explored in the Digital frukost event 30 September 2022.

The event was digital and the video recordings are available below.

Introduction to the antibiotic resistance challenge - Senior Medical Officer Kristian Rødland, NIPH - The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) 

Kristian Rødland is a doctor of medicine and Infectious Disease from the University of Oslo. In his PhD thesis, Rødland studied how the fungi Aspergillus fumigatus can infect patients with weakened immune systems .

After almost 15 years as a medical doctor and researcher in Oslo, Rødland became associate professor of medicine at Lovisenberg University College for three years.

In the March 2020 Rødland started as Senior Medical Officer at The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and he currently also hold a 20% position as assoc. professor at Centre for Sustainable Healthcare education at UiO.

DigiBiotics: Extracting antimicrobial molecules from the Arctic Ocean – Professor Jeanette H. Andersen (UiT) 

Jeanette Hammer Andersen is a professor in marine bioprospecting and head of the natural products platform Marbio at UiT. Jeanette took her PhD at the department of Microbiology at the University Hospital of North Norway, working with inhibition of Herpesviruses infection using natural proteins/peptides. Current research interest is discovery of novel bioactive compounds from the marine environment.

Andersen is member of the DigiBiotics-project research group and is also a member of Centre for Digital life Norway’s expert task force. Today she will present DigiBiotics and the work on extracting antimicrobial molecules from the Arctic Ocean.

Towards the discovery of new antibiotics in the lab – Professor Ruth Brenk (UiB) 

Professor Ruth Brenk is a pharmacist by training. In 2003, she obtained her PhD from the University of Marburg (Germany). Afterwards, she joined the group of Prof. Brian Shoichet at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) as a postdoc. This research stay was funded by the Ernst Schering Foundation. In 2005, she became a Lecturer at the University of Dundee (UK). There, she headed the computational chemistry group of the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) and was a member of the decision-making core group of the unit. In addition, she also started her own research group in the area of structure-based drug design. In 2012, she became Junior professor at the Institute of Pharmacy at the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) and in 2015 she was appointed as full professor at the University of Bergen where she is leading a research group in the area of structure-based drug design and molecular recognition. Brenk is now also Head of research of the Department of Biomedicine at the UiB.



About the seminars

"Digital Frukost" is an open breakfast seminar series focusing on research activities at the interface between the biological sciences and that of mathematics, computer science, physics or engineering. Examples of such research activities could be mathematical or computational modeling of biological systems, application of engineering/control systems theory on biological systems or inspired by biological systems, application of mathematics/statistics/machine learning to analyze big data in health or marine sector; from sensor systems, imaging or omics technologies etc.

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