New course in design thinking in healthcare innovation launched

Do you want to learn Design Thinking methodology and how you can utilize it in bringing forth solutions for healthcare challenges? We are happy to announce that a newly developed online GREAT design thinking course is open for registration for Master’s and PhD students affiliated with the centre.

Illustration GREAT design thinkingThe Centre for Digital Life Norway is one of the partners in the Nordic–Baltic GREAT network that is developing design thinking courses for students and teachers to promote a culture of innovative thinking in health technology education. 

Online course open for registration

Now registration for the online course has opened. By completing the course, you get a basic understanding in Design Thinking (DT). During the course, you will work in a multidisciplinary team and use collective thinking and DT approach in solving real-life clinical problems. You will also develop discussion and presentation skills and understand the principles and importance of group dynamics. 

The course runs Wednesdays week 19–22 (12 May–2 June). Sixty students are selected to the course from associated network organisations – 10 of them Master's and PhD students affiliated with the Centre for Digital Life Norway through research projects in the centre or the research school.

Invitations for intensive summer course at the end of the online course

Students who have completed the online course, will be invited to apply for an intensive summer course in Finland. Invitations will be sent out at the end of the online course. The intensive course will provide opportunities for students to apply the essential things they have learned from the basic online course as they innovate solutions for actual healthcare challenges from various university hospitals and healthcare institution. The Centre for Digital Life Norway and the research school will cover all expenses for affiliated students attending the intensive summer course.

The Nordic–Baltic GREAT network

The Design Future Health (GREAT) project is a network of Nordic and Baltic Higher Educational Institutions coordinated by the University of Turku with partners – the University of Oslo, the University of South-Eastern Norway, the University of Tartu, the University of of Turku, Åbo Akademi and the Centre for Digital Life Norway.

Pictures of seven representatives from the Centre for Digital Life Norway
Beate Rygg Johnsen to the left represents the Centre for Digital Life Norway in the GREAT network, and the working groups that are designing and implementing the courses have had representatives from the Digital Life Norway Research School: Aman S Chahal, PhD student NTNU; Marthe Jordbrekk Blikra, postdoc Nofima; Oscar Ofordile Odeigah, PhD student Simula Research Laboratory; Denis Zosen, PhD student UiO; Olga Mikhailova, postdoc NMBU; and Danijela Simonovic, PhD student UiT. 
By Norunn K. Torheim
Published Mar. 19, 2021 1:15 PM - Last modified Apr. 9, 2021 1:23 PM