Digital Life internal networking in three cities

In the first week of February, the PIs of nearly all the research projects of the Centre, met and learned about each others’ work in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.

Krishna Agarwal is project manager for the UiT-project nanoRIP. In Trondheim, she presented how she and her colleagues are working on finding a new technique for nanoscopy that will provide an isotropic resolution of 80nm, by exploiting the scattering of

It is the first time these Digital Life Meetings have been held. The admission of 12 new associated projects to the centre late last year was the facilitating motive behind the meetings. The thought was to substitute former introductory meetings between the centre leadership and new projects with larger meetings, giving not only the new projects, but also the existing centre projects, the chance to learn about the various research and ask questions.

The meetings were very well attended and the participants engaged in interesting and insightful discussions. Each attending researcher presented their research project with following time for questions and answers. In addition, centre leadership and coordinators gave an introduction to the centre, and an update on what it offers to its members.

The team of three from Technopolis group, currently working on the new DLN innovation project, also gave an introduction to what they are planning to do and report on, and carried out a group work session with brainstorming and discussions.

The Centre would like to thank all the participants for making these meetings a great forum for discussion among all the research projects, and a good introduction for the newcomers.

In Bergen February 3rd, Jan Haavik was one of the presenters. Here, he explains the transdisciplinary aspects of the research project he manages, on improved monitoring and treatment of neurometabolic disorders.

The Oslo meeting on February 5th gathered project managers from all the new research projects to the centre from the University of Oslo, NMBU and Oslo University Hospital. Insightful presentations sparked discussions pushing the meeting far over the original timing.

Centre Leader, Trygve Brautaset, introduced the bakcground on which the Centre for Digital Life Norway operates, and presented updated information about the continuation of it.


Published Feb. 26, 2020 9:25 AM - Last modified Oct. 8, 2020 1:41 PM