DLN in Engaging Researchers in Good Data Management conference

The University of Cambridge together with SPARC Europe (https://sparceurope.org/) and Jisc (https://www.jisc.ac.uk/) held a one-day conference (15 Nov 2017) entitled “Engaging Researchers in Good Data Management”. The conference took a place at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge; UK. This conference was a great opportunity for sharing ideas and good practices for creating effective Research Data Management (RDM).

The welcome remarks of the conference started by Nicole Janz, a political scientist at the university of Nottingham. She mentioned challenges and solutions for the reproducibility and replicability of studies. Further, case studies from academic institutes were presented. Jude Towers and Hardy Schwamm from the University of Lancaster introduced Data Conversation, a method to engage researchers in data management. Marta Busse-wicher and Sergio Martinez Cuesta presented success stories from Cambridge’s Data Champions. Marta Teperek, a data stewardship coordinator from TU Delft, had an exciting talk explaining Dutch perspective about open science and data management, e.g., making research data FAIR, full open access to publications in 2020 and rewarding researchers practising open science.  The goal of the Data stewardship project at TU Delft is that data/research outputs from every research project can be well managed and this needs to be discipline specific.

The event also included input talks in the form of lightning talks from researchers who had exciting and innovative stories to share about good RDM practices, and methods of engaging colleagues and barriers that had to be overcome and methods for doing this. Digital Life Norway (DLN) also got the opportunity to present its Data Management plan in DLN in a form of lightening talk. This talk was presented by Fatemeh Z. Ghavidel and covered the introduction to DLN, its current research projects, issues with data storage and sharing in some projects, SEEK and NeLS as two data management platforms for the DLN projects and also the plan of the integration of the two platforms.

Watch the lightning talk of the DLN data management here:

There were also focus groups discussions with researchers and librarians to share how they are encouraging others to make data more open and to explore common data management-related challenges faced across the globe. The final session of the conference was about working together to increase engagement. In this part, Kirstie Whitaker from Alan Turing Institute had a talk about how Mozilla is bringing an open source philosophy to academic research. Vanessa Proudman from SPARC Europe presented Europe’s Open Data Champoins and from Jisc, Paul Stokes talked about engagement tools as part of an RDM toolkit.  Rosie Higman from the University of Manchester provided closing remarks and future directions of increasing engagement with RDM. The conference ended with a wine reception.

Watch the talks of the conference here:


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