New partnerprojects joining Centre for Digital Life Norway

As a result of the centre's call for partner projects in August 2017, the centre and its board are pleased to welcome 8 new partner projects in the centre. These project are diverse in scientific areas and competences, but will all strengthen and contribute to the centre's efforts to evolve digital biotechnology and life science research and innovation.


DLN seeks to become an inclusive environment for projects working in the domain of digital biotechnology beyond its core constituency of projects that are funded under the research council's Digital Life calls. To broaden its reach, the centre each year accepts applications by interested digital biotechnology projects to become partners. This status provides key networking opportunities, participation in DLN events, and visibility through the DLN website (updated soon). We welcome the following eight partner projects:

AHA! - Adapted Heuristics and Architecture:Towards an understanding of personalities and phenotypic diversity. Project leader: Jarl Giske, UiB

Chartering Chemical Space of Riboswitch Ligands - Towards Future Antibiotics. Project leader: Ruth Brenk, UiB

* NANOP: Elucidation of biological nanoparticle formation mechanisms. Project leader: Dirk Linke, UiO

* DrugLogics – Rational development of anti-cancer drug combinations. Project leader: Astrid Lægreid, NTNU

ParkOme – Mechanisms, disease markers and treatment targets for Parkinsons Disease through systems and network biology. Project leader: Charalampos Tzoulis, UiB

* PerCaThe – Personalised Cancer Therapy. Project leaders: Kjetil Tasken/Arnoldo Frigessi, UiO

* BigInsight (SFI) – Innovative solutions for key data-driven challenges. Project leader: Arnoldo Frigessi, UiO

* CCBIO (SFF) – Centre for Cancer Biomarkers. Project leader: Lars A. Akslen, UiB

Published Feb. 28, 2018 9:26 AM - Last modified Nov. 11, 2020 8:33 PM