New research projects to join Centre for Digital Life Norway

Here are the five new researh prosjects at Centre for Digital Life Norway. The centre welcomes all new projects and look forward to a great collaboration.

Projects from the Digital Life Call in 2018



Project leader

Towards better computational approaches and responsible innovation strategies in early drug discovery – application to antibiotics and COPD

Nathalie Reuter - UiB

Bio-engineered palladium nanoparticles

Dirk Linke -UiO

“Listening to the patients” – Analysis of body sounds for diagnostics and monitoring

Sven M. Carlsen - NTNU

Pipeline for individually tailoring new treatments in haematological cancers

Kjetil Tàsken -OuS,

Arnoldo Frigessi – UiO,

Jorrit Enserink - OuS

PROVIZ: Prostate cancer visualization by MRI – Improved diagnostics using artificial intelligence

Tone Frost Bathen - NTNU



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