Open call for Digital Life Norway project membership

The Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) seeks excellent cross-disciplinary research projects with the ability and ambition to innovate responsibly. Transdisciplinary biotechnology projects based in Norway focusing on digital technology in health, aquaculture, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology are eligible to apply.

Illustration DNA analysis. Photo: Colourbox with edits.

The Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) is a national centre for digital biotechnology research, education and innovation. With support from the Research Council of Norway (RCN), DLN launched its second phase – DLN 2.0 – in February 2021.

The overall goal of DLN 2.0 is to transform research, innovation and training in digital biotechnology to foster transdisciplinary collaboration and contribute to responsible and sustainable value creation in Norway. We now invite existing biotechnology research and innovation projects based in Norway to apply to join DLN for this exciting next phase.           

DLN 2.0 aims to build a strong culture for innovative thinking by connecting society, academia and industry and by training a new generation of transdisciplinary life scientists. DLN’s vision is open science and convergence of biotechnology and life sciences with computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics and statistics as well as with social sciences and the humanities.

At the heart of DLN 2.0 is synergizing different ways of addressing the same problems within digital biotechnology and stimulating deep collaborations that go beyond traditional disciplinary approaches. To do so, we have to date recruited 35 digital biotechnology projects from across the country and are ready to welcome the next generation of projects into the centre.

In the first DLN project period (2016–2021), RCN had a total of three research project calls dedicated to the DLN portfolio, to establish transdisciplinary biotechnology project partnerships in connection with the centre’s mandate. With this portfolio now up and running, the RCN has decided not to offer further research projects calls under DLN. Moving forward, researchers are now encouraged to seek grants for transdisciplinary biotechnology projects from various RCN calls and other funding sources nationally and internationally. Funded projects can then apply to join DLN. 

What are the benefits of joining DLN?

Selected projects will become part of the Centre for Digital Life Norway. Projects will have access to support from the dedicated DLN operational management team to develop their projects with regard to collaboration and learning processes across disciplines and projects; data and models; commercialisation, innovation and industry collaboration; responsible research and innovation (RRI); and career development.

Affiliated researchers may also apply for support from the centre for cross-project activities, training, events, innovation and data management. It is expected that the projects contribute to synergies, learning, and knowledge-sharing with other research projects in the centre and the DLN Research School.

The transformative force of DLN relies largely on research projects that are motivated and eager to participate in such interactions. Project teams are also invited to the annual Digital Life conference and numerous workshops and events throughout the year and are regularly featured in the centre’s communication.

Application form

Use the application form to apply. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis by a committee comprised of members of the DLN operational management team and DLN expert task force.

Please contact centre manager Kam Sripada if you have any questions.

By Kam Sripada
Published Oct. 5, 2021 2:41 PM - Last modified Oct. 5, 2021 2:41 PM