PhD Supervisor Workshop

Digital Life Norway Research School organized a PhD supervisor workshop 18-20 October in Åre, Sweden. This was a collaboration with the Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience, and all the participants had PhD students who were members of one of the research schools.


In order to set the agenda, Thursday 19 October started with the supervisors receiving feedback from their PhD students. An anonymous questionnaire had been sent out to the PhD students in advance, and the supervisors received feedback on their supervisor skills, project management skills, research ethics, etc.The program continued with Tanja Döller, the NRSN coordinator, presenting a code for PhD supervisors that is utilized at Dutch Universities. Kjetil Taskén continued with a very inspiring talk on everyday-issues one encounters as a PhD supervisor, and how one can deal with these.

Kjetil Taskén, Boukje Ehlen, and Bjarte Reve participated in the panel debate on career options for PhDs in- and outside academia, having a strong focus on innovation and alternative options. At the end of day 1, Anne Lee provided the participants with tools for project planning, and for motivation, monitoring, and evaluation of PhD candidates. She also involved the supervisors in group work on their own supervising experiences.


Friday 20 October started with Kenneth Hugdahl sharing his experience on building a research lab and recruiting PhD candidates, also giving the audience some reflections on where research in general is heading, and the supervisors’ role in this development. Marianne Fyhn and her previous PhD student, Kristian Lensjø, continued with sharing their experiences in a supervisor-student relationship, including positive and negative sides. Roger Strand had the floor the rest of day 2, focusing on research integrity, the ethos of science, and ethical aspects of the participants’ own research and their responsibility as PhD supervisors. 

There was also plenty of time for socializing and networking between the talks and group work, and perhaps a few future collaborations were conceived over one of the delightful meals or during the walk-and-talk-sessions. We sincerely hope that the current and future PhD students of these supervisors will benefit from this workshop. If you want to be a part of the next supervisor workshop, you can keep updated through the newsletters of Digital Life Norway Research School




By Liv Eggset Falkenberg
Published Dec. 6, 2017 2:00 PM - Last modified Sep. 21, 2021 11:07 AM