Prizes for transdisciplinary publications in DLN - the 2018 awards

The prize "Transdiciplinary publication of the year - 2018" was awarded to a study where an intraperitoneal glucose sensors was tested and a study discovering the evolutionary losses of xenobiotic receptors during evolution of the teleost fishes.

The centre also this year awards studies that result from the combined efforts of researchers from different disciplines. This year we have decided to share the award between two studies, both of which display multi-disciplinary efforts. Both studies are open access and at the same time they clearly state that the publication comes from a project in the centre and will create visibility for DLN.

The first place was awarded to members of the Double Intraperitoneal Artificial Pancreas (DIAP) project with the publication from Marte K. Åm et al. “Effect of sensor location on continuous intraperitoneal glucose sensing in an animal model”. The study is a result from the joint effort of personnel from medicine, animal science, sensor engineering and computational science.

Photo: Some members of the APT group - in front from left: Karolina B. Milenko, Ine L. Jernelv, Marte K. Åm (fist author), Konstanze Kölle, Astrid Aksnes, Ilze Dirnena-Fusini, Patrick C. Bösch; in the back from left: Sven M. Carlsen, Dag Roar Hjelme, Sverre C. Christiansen (last author), Reinold Ellingsen

The second place was awarded to members of the Decoding the Systems Toxicology of Atlantic Cod (dCod 1.0) project, with the publication from Marta Eide et al. “Independent losses of a xenobiotic receptor across teleost evolution”. Here, computational tools were developed and used to show that gene losses have most likely occurred several times during the evolution of the teleost fishes.

Photo of the first author, Marta Eide, with her publication and her favorite animal


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By Rune Kleppe
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