The dCod project presenting at the ICSB2017

The 18th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB) was held from Aug 7 to Aug 11 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. The conference is held annually and serves as the main meeting of the International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB). This year it attracted about 250 participants from all fields of systems biology and all parts of the world. Among these 250 were Nello Blaser and Håvard G. Frøysa as representatives for the dCod1.0 project, both from the Department of mathematics at UiB.

Nello Blaser gave the presentation "Model reduction under parameter uncertainty" about a new way of comparing different reductions of dynamical models and their parameter uncertainty using clustering, which is joint work with Håvard G. Frøysa and Shirin Fallahi. Håvard G. Frøysa gave the presentation "Structural identifiability of kinetic parameters" about estimation of parameters in dynamical models of metabolic networks at steady-state. In addition to this, Shirin Fallahi was represented with the poster "Mathematical modeling of regulatory interactions in the fatty acid synthesis pathway".

Altogether, we want to thank ISSB and the local organizing committee for an interesting conference. Also thanks to the other participants for great discussions and new ideas. The 2018 edition of ICSB will be held in Lyon, France from Oct 28 to Nov 1.

Photo by Håvard Frøysa


Nello Blaser


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By Nello Blaser, Håvard Frøysa
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