Winner of DLN Transdisciplinary Publication Award 2021

Centre for Digital Life Norway is proud to congratulate Professor Anne Lund from OsloMet and her excellent team of coauthors as winners of the annual Digital Life Norway Transdisciplinary Publication Award 2021.

In the awarded publication, Involving older adults in technology research and development discussions through dialogue cafés, the authors describe a case where dialogue cafés was used as a method for involving assisted living residents in technology discussions. In these cafés, assisted living residents were grouped with a multidisciplinary research team

The team behind the publication: Involving older adults in technology research and development discussions through dialogue cafés

The researchers included partners in the fields of engineering, ethics, nursing, occupational therapy, sociology, technology assessment and technology development. Through 6 cafés, guided by a group leader and a rapporteur, older adults were included into discussions and co-creation of health technology developments.

The committee found the study an excellent example of user-involvement of a vulnerable patient group in the development of health technology, although arguably in the wider definition of life science. The committee appreciated the cooperative learning approach applied to the project, and the reflexive discussion on the process in the paper. In all, the publication is an excellent example of co-creative research which is not limited to single disciplines and academia alone.

Professor Anne Lund
Fakultet for helsevitenskap. Institutt for ergoterapi og ortopediingeniørfag, OsloMet

Professor Anne Lund and her team of coauthors are thankful for being recognized for their transdisciplinary work.

“I’m very happy that this work has been given this award and I do think this work demonstrates the optimistic possibilities of overcoming disciplinary boundaries by close collaborations between researchers and older residents and openness to exchange experiences and knowledge”, Anne Lund says.








About the evaluation:

Following the open call for award candidates, the centre received 12 publications. The evaluation committee consisted of Ingrid Heggland (NTNU University Library), Giovanni De Grandis (network for responsible research and innovation in Norway, AFINO), Elisabeth Gulbrandsen (the Research Council of Norway), and Anders Braarud Hanssen, Korbinian Bösl, and Marta Eide from the Centre for Digital Life Norway operational management team. The candidates were assessed based on their transdisciplinarity (and/or level of inter/multidisciplinarity) research approach, method-evaluation and -reflexivity, open access and transparency, and paper readability.

We are particularly thankful for the external members active and thorough participation in evaluating the nominated candidates.



Through this award, DLN highlights and supports initiatives that strive to address societal challenges through transdisciplinary life sciences. We believe that showcasing good examples of transdisciplinary research can inspire to further explorations of such initiatives and collaborations.

To learn more about what is, and is not, considered transdisciplinarity, see the White paper: Transdisciplinarity in Digital Life Norway.

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