Transdisciplinary grants for young researchers

Are you in dire need of help from a person outside your research group? Did you find your “research-match-made-in-heaven” at the last Digital Life Norway conference? Do you have a great idea on how to make your project even better, and have found a potential “partner in crime”? This call is for you!

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The following projects have received funding in 2021:

  • Christian Schulz & Emil Karlsen 'to improve and expand on an ongoing inter-project collaboration between the DLN projects BedPan, BioZEment 2.0 and Auromega'
  • Snorre Sulheim, Christian Schulz, Vetle Simensen 'to perform large-scale exometabolome screening with NMR to unravel microbial interactions'
  • Ida Opstad & Antoni Malachowski 'to adapt the infrastructure at IFT for arctic marine biology and fish health studies'
  • Komal Agarwal & Laura Victoria Schulte Werning 'to fabricate synthetic and biological fibers and to evaluate their biomechanical properties'
  • Amani Al Outa & Steven Hicks 'to study autophagy termination through image analysis using machine learning'

Travel grants for courses and workshops

As a member, you can apply for travel support to participate in our supported PhD courses outside your hometown. 

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    Please submit your travel reimbursement claim within 4 weeks after the event. Specific instructions apply to those who are employed at NTNU, and those who are employed elsewhere (see below).

    If the course you are attending has multiple meetings, please send a travel claim for each meeting. We do not cover per diem/diet expenses.

    For NTNU employees only

    NTNU employees are obliged to submit their travel claims through Paga. 
    In Paga, you need to change the default account information. Click on 'Override accounts' at the very top of your form, and fill in the following information:

    Ksted: 652510
    Project number:

    • For attending courses or workshops: 90139805
    • For attending the annual conference: 90139803

    Fill in the required fields, upload all relevant receipts, and save your claim. Before you actually submit it, you must send a copy of the form and receipts by e-mail to Rosalie Zwiggelaar. Do not include your employee-number or other sensitive information in the Paga-screenshot.

    For those who are employed outside NTNU

    Those who are employed outside NTNU must fill in the standard travel reimbursement form in Norwegian or English.
    This form needs to be uploaded together with copies of the original receipts:

    Upload travel claim

    You can also send it together with the original receipts by snail mail to:

    Rosalie Zwiggelaar
    NTNU, Fakultet for medisin og helsevitenskap
    7491 Trondheim

    If your bank connection is outside of Norway, this form has to be submitted along with the travel reimbursement form.