NanoAI-project members takes part in CVPR paper reading and team building event at Bio-AI Lab@UiT

The Bio-AI Lab team members organized a paper reading, idea discussion, and team building event on 30th May 2022 at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. NanoAI-project members, including 16 people from five different institutions globally presented. The total participants are through physical as well as online channels with total 31 participants. This four hour reading event was followed by a pizza lunch and three hours of mini golf play session.

TEAMBUILDING: To the left: Associate professor at UiT and Project Lead for NanoAI, Dilip Prasad.

Some of the most significant papers from International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2021) were discussed. CVPR is the most reputed publication venue in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Each participant presented a paper, followed by discussions. Some of the highlights of the topics discussed are: contrastive learning, out-of-distribution data, transformers, segmentation and generative networks.



Many state-of-the-art methods were discussed. This inspired the participants and gave a venue to understand the nuances of writing a state-of-the-art research paper, building research arguments, and presentation of experimental results.

People discussed their research problems which allowed everyone to have a better understanding of each other’s work for possible collaboration.


Team building: people got to know each other outside a work environment, which was a fun way of team building.

To the left: Associate professor at UiT and Project Lead for NanoAI, Dilip Prasad.


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