Adaptive Heuristics and Architecture

Highlights 2020

The project's contribution to the Centre for Digital Life Norway annual report 2020.

During 2020, our research focused on publishing papers on "the prediction machine": how the brain or even the whole animal can be seen as preparing the body for the near future. We have 2 papers on hormonal control and 1 on cognitive control of the body.

One highlight of 2020 was that the 2 PhD students both successfully defended their PhD theses.

For us, the major added value of being a part of a transdisciplinary centre has been having a meeting place where our PhD students have met researchers with very different backgrounds and perspectives.

PhD candidates 2020

Camilla Håkonsrud Jensen, UiB
Hormone strategies as a key for understanding life history trade-offs in fish

Jacqueline Weidner, UiB 
Modelling fish growth under hormonal regulation as a factor in Pace of Life


Does the hormone system contain an ability to plan for the future?

Can we compute wellbeing in animals?

Scientific publications 2020: 4

Project overview

Project lead: Jarl Giske
Institution: University of Bergen

Research group

The aim of the project is to model life and behaviour in digital organisms, mostly fish. By modelling physiology, cognition, genes, stimuli, environment and evolution, this research will provide knowledge about natural behaviour.

Innovation: The researchers develop mathematical models of natural behaviour applicable to aquaculture and fisheries.

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