Digital discovery of antimicrobial molecules from marine Artic resources with reduced risk of triggering resistance.

Project overview

Project lead: John S. Mjøen Svendsen
Institution: UiT
Partners: AstraZeneca AB, AMICOAT AS, University of Aberdeen, UOCHB
Duration: Start-up 2017

Research group

Antimicrobial resistance is currently causing around 700 000 deaths annually, with an estimated rise to 10 million over the next 30 years. Continuous development of antimicrobial compounds with new modes of action is essential to reduce the risk posed by antimicrobial resistance. To contribute to meeting this challenge, DigiBiotics will explore new compounds inspired by marine Arctic natural products and develop novel experimental and computational methods for determining molecular structure and dynamics. This will allow for a better understanding of peptide-membrane interactions and provide an atomic basis for the development of new drug targets. Promising compounds will be refined to compounds acceptable for industrial drug development.

Latest news from the project