European funding for DLN researchers in DrugLogics and PRESORT

It is time to bring functionally verified personalised medicine to patients. ​The ONCOLOGICS consortium – computational modelling and functional platform for personalised colorectal cancer clinical therapy decision support – has received funding from the ERA PerMed – a European ERA-NET Cofund for collaborative innovative research projects in Personalised Medicine (PM).


The ONCOLOGICS consortium is launched to bring personalised medicine to clinical decision makers by demonstrating that we can predict an individual’s tumour responses based on joint in silico computational modelling and functional validation in patient-derived tumor tissue cultivated ex vivo for experimental testing.

This approach will move away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to identify individual therapy based on the unique genotypic and phenotypic characteristics of each tumour. Our ex vivo platforms, patient-derived tumour organoids and spheroid cultures, allow for a full systems medicine approach encompassing iterative cycles of model revision following ex vivo experiments, and targeted follow-up experiments guided by model predictions.

Ultimately, model predictions are tested against cancer patient therapy responses. The in silico and ex vivo platforms jointly pave the way for future ‘functional personalised medicine’. ONCOLOGICS represents a continuation of the ERACoSysMed project COLOSYS, the NTNU Health project DrugLogics, and the Research Council of Norway project PRESORT.

DrugLogics and PRESORT are associated with the Centre for Digital Life Norway.

The new consortium, coordinated by Åsmund Flobak from NTNU/St. Olavs hospital, includes outstanding partners from Institut Curie with the Christophe Le Tourneau & Emmanuel Barillot groups, from Charité with the Christine Sers group, from Uppsala University with Deborah Mascalzoni and her group, the SME ProtAtOnce with Vicky Pliaka, and with Barcelona Supercomputing Center with Alfonso Valencia and his group.


Picture of Åsmund Flobak

Åsmund Flobak
Published Nov. 8, 2020 4:03 PM - Last modified Sep. 14, 2021 11:21 AM