Future antibiotics

Future antibiotics

To discover and optimize new antibiotics

Highlights 2021

During 2021, our research in this project focused on characterizing FMN riboswitch ligands. The highlight has been the development of a robust assay to determine binding affinities and binding kinetics of riboswitch ligands. This enables us to close the “design-make-test” cycle and to progress ligand optimization. For us the added value of being a part of a transdisciplinary centre is to take part in strategic discussions about enabling early stage drug discovery in Norway.

Project overview

Project lead: Ruth Brenk
Institution: University of Bergen

Research group

By combining methdos from chemistry, biology and informatics, the researchs aim to look for antibiotics that target bacterial “riboswitches”. The team will describe and predict how small molecules can interact with these structures.

Innovation: The researchers look for small molecules that can be further developed into novel antibiotics.

The project is financed by the Norwegian Research Councils FRIMEDBIO program.

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