Welcome to Arctic Optica Student Chapter and ongoing image contest

We would like to introduce Arctic Optica Student Chapter to the DLN members, especially PhD and postdocs. Optica (previously OSA) is an international society highly relevant for microscopists and bioimaging scientists. UiT is proud to host currently the only Optica Student Chapter in Norway, and welcomes free participation/membership from all over Norway. Submit you image to ongoing contest by 5 December.


Two microscopy images.
Left: The head of a fungus gnat imaged using autofluorescence and brightfield microscopy. This image was previously submitted to a DLN image contest. Image credit: Deanna Wolfson.
Right: Structured illumination microscopy shows the finer details of mitochondria (magenta) and actin (blue/green) in a BPAE cell. Image credit: Deanna Wolfson.

DLN members working with microscopes, microscopy images, etc. have a lot to gain through activities in the student chapter, beside networking, cross-learning organized by student for students, and access to opportunities worldwide. The chapter recently organized an event where live demonstrations of various experiments related to optics were performed among students, see the enthusiastic participation in the photo below.

Submit your image to ongoing contest

An immediate opportunity for DLN members to know the Arctic Optica Student Chapter, even before becoming a member, is here. Arctic Optica Student Chapter is organizing its first quarterly Scientific Image contest now, i.e., October - December 2021. The deadline for submitting your image is December 5th 2021. The winning image will be selected in the December monthly meeting of our chapter. You can submit your image by sending it to arcticosachapter@gmail.com. Winners will get some cool merchandize and surprise gifts from our organization. All students, researchers, faculty members, and support staff working in optics and photonics or using optics in their scientific work are invited to participate. The only requirement is that the submitted images be related to science and scientific research. 

recent event
Picture from recent event.


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