Cross-disciplinary & cross-project activities

The possibility of harvesting synergies between projects and exchange of competence is one of the benefits of being part of the Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN). We encourage projects in the centre to collaborate across disciplines and projects.

  • Creating platforms for transdisciplinary activities through workshops and meetings 

  • Facilitate interaction between research projects and relevant technological infrastructures


People sitting around a table with notebooks, pens, computers and coffee

Being part of DLN, we have been introduced to projects with similar interests, which enable a contact and collaboration that is otherwise difficult. Our projects, dCod 1.0 and DigiSal, have experienced first-hand the positive and synergistic effects that can arise from cross-project collaboration. We encourage other projects to also use this chance.

Marta Eide dCod 1.0 and Ove Øyås DigiSal in their blog
about their experience with cross-project collaboration.