Data managment

The infrastructure working group supports the research projects in their use and development of methods, data and knowledge management and infrastructures.

  • Help on writing DMPs 

  • Guidance on metadata standards, data deposition and data formats 
  • Training and support for the DM-platform SEEK/FAIRdomhub 
  • Guidance on selecting storage and computing platforms; including GDPR considerations 
  • Projects can apply to become part of the BioMedData PAL network and profit from direct interaction with DM experts from research infrastructures 



Projects with support from data management: dCod 1.0, BioZEment 2.0, DigiSal and DigiBrain 


Korbinian Bösl

Korbinian Bösl

The Centre for Digital Life Norway has an ongoing collaboration with ELIXIR Norway and  FAIRDOM to provide solutions for improved data management in the centre. This includes the use of the Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences (NeLS) and the SEEK data management platforms. This work is conducted in close dialogue with the research projects in the centre. This platforms provide access to long-term storage of scientific data, simplifies good practices for documenting metadata, as well as easier sharing and publishing of data and models. This solutions facilitate the FAIRification (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) principles of scientific results. 

For address individual needs in the research projects, we provide funds for data management and arrange workshops and meetings for training in the use of this tools.

Our ambition is to support expertise in the projects and by making state-of-the-art technologies available to the research projects - for their experimental, computational and analytical work. We help with method development in modelling of biological systems based on experimental data. From our experience solid data management is a corner stone for successful collaboration and cross-disciplinary method development. We therefore also provide support for initiatives coming directly from the DLN-community and that are of interest to several projects. The infrastructure working groups also keeps track of the infrastructure landscape in Norway and how the infrastructures can be accesses for digital biotechnology.

Improved data management planning with Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW)

Norwegian funders require that research groups submit data management plans (DMPs) upon signing the contract for their research projects. ELIXIR Norway, in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Life Norway, has explored methods to support Norwegian researchers in data management planning for several years. The Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) that brings together data stewards and researchers to compose DMPs, has become a cornerstone in the efforts to facilitate data management for life sciences in Norway.