Call: RRI-inspired transdisciplinary side quest

How does your research influence society and how does society influence your research? We are interested to see how YOU, an early career DLN researcher, see YOUR role as a scientist in society. 

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Art can be a powerful medium for exploring the deeper meaning of scientific endeavours.

Nature (2021) 590: 515-518

Art also opens up new avenues for representing relationships and may therefore jump-start creative ideas for new insights, technologies and collaborations.

- Leonardo (2021) 54 (2): 202–205 


Available funding: NOK 10.000 - 60.000 per project (the grants are awarded continuously)

We no longer accept applications for this call. Application deadline was 1. December 2021. 


Through this call, we challenge you to think about your project in a different way and produce an «outside the box» representation/showcase of your research. Take the chance to extend your skillsets and/or network to see your research in a different light and reflect upon its impact on society by e.g., working with artists, social scientists, policy makers, NGO’s or others. 

Who can apply?

This call is directed at PhD students and postdocs affiliated with Digital Life Norway through the research school. The period for the use of the fund is preferably within 2021 but can be extended to spring 2022. Collaborators outside DLN must have agreed with the application. 

What can you apply for?

  • Salary for collaborators
  • Rental costs for facilities/equipment
  • Travel costs
  • Publication costs
  • Equipment (will be owned by DLN)

About the application

The application contains four main sections (3 pages maximum):

  • Short description of applicants' current project(s) and background
  • Motivation for applying
  • Project description for the call, including timeline
  • Budget

Evaluation criteria

  • Trans/interdisciplinarity: Will this collaboration stimulate new learning possibilities and insights for the project partners.
  • Realism: The feasibility of the proposed activities.
  • Common good: Will the results contribute to the research fields and society.

Competence sharing and reporting

It is a requirement for the application to be approved that the project is willing to share the experiences and lessons learned from the funded activities with the other members of the centre. This can be done through blog posts, articles on the web page or as presentations in different fora such as the yearly centre- or research school conferences. The work and results should be summarized in a short report to Centre for Digital Life Norway at the end of the project.


Send an application to

Anders Braarud Hanssen,

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