Call: New innovation resource grant 2021

Many researchers have good thoughts and ideas on how their research can benefit society, be it ideas for products, services or methods, but lack the time to pursue the ideas that don’t fit into the everyday work schedule. Therefore, we are happy to announce a new grant that gives a project in the Centre for Digital Life Norway the opportunity to hire an innovation resource to pursue the ideas. The application deadline was 25 June 2021.

Available funding: One grant of NOK 600 000 
The application deadline was 25 June. 
All applicants will hear from us 5 July.

About the grant 

Through this grant the applicant’s project will get the opportunity to allocate resources to spend time outside the daily laboratory work to investigate potential new innovations. 

The call is for projects in all stages of an innovation process, and the goal is that you, through this grant and support from staff in the Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN), will move your project forward on the innovation readiness (IRL) scale.

Costs that are covered, profile of candidate and follow-up from the centre 

The funding should be used as salary (including social costs and administration costs) for one person working 100% for up to 6 months with innovation aspects in the project. This person should know the project well (e.g., former PhD student or postdoc) or have the specific skills needed to move the project up the IRL scale, be highly motivated and have an interest in innovation.  
The person will be in close contact with senior advisers in DLN throughout the period and we will connect you to the technology transfer office at the project’s institution. The innovation resource will also receive feedback from a DLN review board for the grant and may be linked with a representative from industry.

Who can apply? 

All research projects that are connected to the Centre for Digital Life Norway, can apply. The research projects should already have an idea or a product in mind that they wish to explore. The project leader should be the applicant and should, in the application, nominate the person that he/she has chosen as the innovation resource to be employed.

About the application 

The application should include the following attachments: 

  1. Project plan with the following points 
    1. Description of the product/innovation and feasibility of realization. 
    2. Description of the market (who is it for and is it desired?). 
    3. Description of what you want to achieve in the period, how this will affect the IRL score and how this gets you closer to realizing the value potential of the product/innovation. 
    4. What will be the impact of your final work on society? 
    5. Approximate timeline and goals for the grant period. 
  2. CV from person to be employed. 

The application will be reviewed by a panel consisting of representatives from DLN, including representatives from industry. 

Competence sharing and reporting 

Since this is a pilot project for the centre, it is a requirement for the application to be approved that the project is willing to share the experiences and lessons learned from the funded activities with the other projects associated to the centre. This can be done through blog posts, news or articles on the webpage or as presentations in different fora such as webinars or the annual conference. The work conducted using this funding, and the results obtained, should be summarized in a short report to the Centre for Digital Life Norway within three months after the project has ended.

  • If you have questions regarding the content of the application and what to focus on, please contact senior adviser for innovation and industry collaboration Beate R. Johnsen
  • If you have questions regarding technical issues in the application, please contact Ragnhild I. Vestrum
Published Apr. 23, 2021 2:40 PM - Last modified June 26, 2021 9:57 AM