Call: Transdisciplinary grants for young researchers

Are you in dire need of help from a person outside your research group? Did you find your “research-match-made-in-heaven” at the last Digital Life Norway conference? Do you have a great idea on how to make your project even better, and have found a potential “partner in crime”? This call is for you!

Male and female researchers in lab

Available funding. NOK 20.000 - 200.000 per project

Application deadline: The call is now closed. 

The focus on cross-disciplinarity is one of the corner stones in Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN), and a major aim of the digital life initiative is to create convergence between life sciences and mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering. Often, young researchers have great ideas on transdisciplinary collaborations, but lack the funding that would make it possible to proceed with. Therefore, we are now happy to announce the first ever trans/interdisciplinary* grants for young researchers, funded by Digital Life Norway.

Who can apply?

This call is directed at PhD students and postdocs affiliated with Digital Life Norway through the research school. The two main applicants need to be members of the research school and come from/work within different scientific disciplines, but there may be additional national/international applicants. Applications must be approved by the applicants’ supervisors (PhD students) or nearest leader (postdocs). The timeframe should be within 2021.

What can you apply for?

The funding should be used for collaboration across research groups, research fields, or industry, and can include costs for e.g.:

  • Equipment
  • Salary
  • Rental costs for research facilities.
  • Organization of transdisciplinary workshops.
  • Travel costs
  • Publication costs

About the application

The application contains four main sections:

  • Short description of applicants' current projects and backgrounds.
  • Project description for transdisciplinary collaboration, including timeline.
  • Budget
  • Reflections on the value of the project for science and society.

Evaluation criteria

  • Trans/interdisciplinarity*: Will this benefit the learning and collaboration across disciplines.
  • Realism: Chances that the proposed project will result in valuable results for all applicants.
  • Common good: Will the results contribute to the research fields and society.
  • Ambitions: The possibility that this funding will result in larger projects in the future.

Competence sharing and reporting

It is a requirement for the application to be approved that the project is willing to share the experiences and lessons learned from the funded activities with the other members of the centre. This can be done through blog posts, articles on the web page or as presentations in different fora such as the yearly centre- or research school conferences. The work and results should be summarized in a short report to Centre for Digital Life Norway at the end of the project.


Liv E. Falkenberg:

Rosalie Zwiggelaar:


* Interdisciplinarity analyzes, synthesizes and harmonizes links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole. Transdisciplinarity integrates the natural, social and health sciences in a humanities context, and transcends their traditional boundaries.

Published Mar. 17, 2021 8:30 AM - Last modified June 28, 2021 1:46 PM