Call: Digital life industry internship 2021

Are you curious about the world outside academia? Are you interested in the biotech industry, but lack the contacts and the know-how? We give you the opportunity to experience the industry from the inside. The application deadline was 14 March 2021.

Young student in lab

PhD students from the research projects in the centre or the research school are given the chance to try out a professional path outside academia through a three-months internship at a biotech company in or outside Norway. For the internship period you will have the opportunity to choose a project that you see relevant for your further career development, and take part in the daily activities and work routines of the host company.

The Centre for Digital Life Norway will help you with

  • Finding a suitable company based on your experience and/or interest (in or outside Norway).
  • Setting up the contract between you, the company, and your institution/employer.
  • Financial support equivalent to three months' salary.
  • Financial support for travel and accommodation if necessary.

You are expected to

  • Provide us with a motivation letter and a CV containing relevant information and experience for a company.
  • If selected, arrange for a three-months leave at your local institution. We will assist you on the practical issues.
  • Find your own accommodation if your internship is in another city.

You are not guaranteed an internship if you apply, and you are also free to decline any company we may suggest for you. Submitting your application is not binding.

The pilot of the internship program started in June 2020 and ends in April 2021. Seven PhD students from NTNU, UiT, UiB and UiO have visited companies in Sweden and Norway to conduct their internships, and the feedback from students and host companies has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Industry: Alexandra Patriksson or Ragnhild Inderberg Vestrum

PhD students: Liv E. Falkenberg

Published Feb. 15, 2021 11:38 AM - Last modified Mar. 24, 2021 9:18 AM