Call: Digital life industry internship 2022

Are you curious about the world outside academia? Are you interested in the biotech industry, but lack the contacts and the know-how? We give you the opportunity to experience the industry from the inside.

Application deadline: 13 March 2022.

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PhD students from the research projects in the centre or the research school are given the chance to try out a professional path outside academia through a three-months internship at a company in or outside Norway. For the internship period you will have the opportunity to choose a project that you see relevant for your further career development, and take part in the daily activities and work routines of the host company.

Would you like to host an intern in your company?

The process
DLN will recruit PhD students from our research school research school and select the best candidates through a careful evaluation process.
In 2022 there will be 7 positions to fill.
Selected candidates will be given the opportunity to choose among the project proposals received from companies interested in hosting a student.
The final matching between host organization/projects and the PhD students will be done by DLN based on the competence profiles of the students and their preferences.
As the scientific background of the students from our research school is very broad, covering microbiology, molecular biology, neurosciences, aquaculture and food science, to systems biology, mathematics, statistics, molecular modelling and so on, there are excellent opportunities to find candidates with the well-matched knowledge and experiences for each host.
The internships should start during the fall of 2022. 
Does it sound interesting?
Then please send us your project proposal using this template by 15 March 2022.    
The host organization is expected to design and define projects that are relevant both for the organization and the PhD students. The PhD-students do not bring their own research project.
Purely administrative and/or routine tasks will not be accepted; the PhD students should perform tasks that are relevant for their career development.
Both interns and host organizations will be invited to provide feedback to DLN during and after the internship to help us evaluate the program’s performance.

The Centre for Digital Life Norway will help you with

  • Finding a suitable company based on your experience and/or interest (in or outside Norway).
  • Setting up the contract between you, the company, and your institution/employer.
  • Financial support equivalent to three months' salary.
  • Financial support for travel and accommodation if necessary.

You are expected to

  • Provide us with a motivation letter and a CV containing relevant information and experience for a company.
  • If selected, arrange for a three-months leave at your local institution. We will assist you on the practical issues.
  • Find your own accommodation if your internship is in another city.

You are not guaranteed an internship if you apply, and you are also free to decline any company we may suggest for you. Submitting your application is not binding.

So far, 16 students from NTNU, UiT, UiB, NMBU and UiO have joined the industry internship program, and have visited companies in Sweden and Norway to conduct their internships.

The feedback from students and host companies has been overwhelmingly positive.


Previous collaborating companies:

AstraZeneca, IDL Biotech, STIM, Vectron, Xellia, GlucoSet, Theracule, Jotun, ClexBio, BioMar, Seaweed Solutions, MycoTeam, Amicoat



Industry: Alexandra Patriksson or Elisabeth Hyldbakk

PhD students: Rosalie Zwiggelaar

Published Jan. 11, 2022 2:35 PM - Last modified Mar. 9, 2022 9:49 AM