Centre for Digital Life Norway started sculpting its next phase

Centre for Digital Life Norway is a 5-year project ending in January 2021. During two days in June, over thirty of the Centre’s employees, project leaders, stakeholders and other participants gathered at the Research Council of Norway at Lysaker to carve out the Centre beyond 2021.

11. - 13. June, representatives from the Centre’s research projects, the Board, the Strategic Advisory Board and the Research Council of Norway, coordinators and work package leaders, met to discuss and reflect on various features of the DLN. The seminar was the first step in a self-assessment process initiated by the Research Council of Norway. The aim is to look forward and discuss how the best possible setup for a DLN2.0 could be.

– This has been a very positive and timely initiative taken by the Research Council of Norway. The knowledge and reflections that were raised and summarized during this seminar will provide valuable basis for the planning of DLN2.0, says Centre leader Trygve Brautaset. 

The discussions at the seminar were initially divided into four overlapping topics; the research, the collaboration and the leadership, the collaboration with the Research Council and the call processes, and the broader perspectives.

Builds on the Selbu Search Conference

A point of departure for this first part of the Centre’s self-assessment was the summarized action points derived from the Search Conference in Selbu last November. At this conference, the Centre discussed and agreed upon plans and priorities for the remaining time period of DLN:

  • To establish the foundation for change through sharpening and putting into practice DLN’s vision of transdisciplinary research, education and innovation
  • To catalyze cross-project synergies through an improved flow of information regarding capabilities and best practices
  • To create leverage for the DLN vision through better anchoring at its home institutions
  • To strengthen DLN’s capability to partake in societal and political debate as one, collective voice
  • To empower junior researchers to become future leaders in Norwegian biotechnology by expanding educational initiatives targeted at post-doctors
  • To expand collaborations between DLN and industry
  • To build contacts with sister institutions abroad to foster mutual learning and scientific collaboration

First step on a longer path

The gathering at Lysaker is part of a continued process that will gradually disclose how the DLN version 2.0 setup will look like. The next step is that the Norwegian host institutions, including the DLN Board, will develop written recommendations for DLN v.2.0 , to the Research Council of Norway.

Published June 18, 2019 10:52 AM - Last modified Nov. 11, 2020 10:37 AM