Search Conference - DLN towards 2020

The event will gather representatives from the centre, the centre's projects, and Research School to join a search conference shaping the future of DLN towards 2020 and beyond.

Centre for Digital Life Norway is well established with 12 research projects funded through the Digital Life initiative and a further eight projects as partner projects. The project portfolio will increase with further with new call for Digital Life projects, closing September 12, 2018. 

The concept set out in the white paper "Digital Life - Convergence for Innovation" is now realized though the centre and its activities. The richness and complexity of the Centre for Digital Life Norway, not least because of the geographical distribution of activities across the whole of Norway, give rise to challenges and questions that need to be addressed. 

Creating meeting places are therefore crucial to remind us of the distance we have travelled together and for jointly envisioning where we want to go during the next two years. During the centre retreat, we will organize a search conference with the purpose of further developing our vision of transforming the biotechnology landscape in Norway and formulating the action plan for DLN 2019/2020.

The search conference is a well-established, internationally recognized method to facilitate long-term strategic thinking, learning and change in organisations and networks of organisations. There will be no presenters, speeches, or lectures, only focused work in breakout groups and plenary sessions guided by professional facilitators. The event brings together representatives from all research projects (including partner projects), the research school, and the centre.

Tags: Selbu, Workshop, Konferanse / Workshop, Forskning
Published Oct. 8, 2020 1:38 PM - Last modified Oct. 8, 2021 8:30 AM