October Newsletter 2022

Dear all,

Last call to register for Digital Life 2022 – we can’t wait to meet with you in Trondheim 20-21 October! In addition to national and international keynotes, workshops, and cross-project meetings, get your ticket and join us also the evening before for the public event at Trondheim Folkebiblioteket and hear young researchers describe how research can develop solutions for societal challenges (19 Oct).
Norwegian Bioinformatics Days 2022 brought almost 100 participants together in Sundvolden, co-hosted by DLN, ELIXIR Norway, NORBIS, Computational Biology Unit at UiB, RSG-Norway, and Tekna. If you want to help us keep the momentum rolling for the bioinformatics community in Norway, please get in touch!
We also co-arranged the Data Management Planning workshop on how to generate a data management plan for a life science research project that meets the requirements of Norwegian institutions. Check our website to register for the next FAIRDOM user meeting 17 Oct.
Thanks to those who joined the DLN-AFINO summer school “Engaging in critical research within institutions” the first gathering of the DLN Transdisciplinary Biotechnology signature course at Selbusjøen, and the Modelling Living Systems course, arranged for the third time with Dominique Chu (Uni. Kent). As always, follow us on our webpage and social media for more courses, workshops, digital frukost, and seminars.
See you in Trondheim next week!

Trygve Brautaset, Scientific director
& Kam Sripada, Centre manager


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Published Oct. 12, 2022 4:06 PM - Last modified Oct. 12, 2022 4:09 PM