Computational neuroscience


Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås


This year the course will be offered digitally, and the first lecture will be 1 September at 9:00. Zoom link will be provided by Gaute Einevoll upon request (


Deadline for PhD students outside NMBU: 1 September

Course information on the NBMU website

Course content

The course requires a working knowledge of mathematics and basic programming, and will cover selected topics related to: 

  • The biophysics of nerve cells
  • Biophysical modeling of signal processing in nerve cells and neural networks 
  • Modeling learning and memory 
  • Biophysical modeling of recorded electrical signals

Teaching and course material

Teachers are Gaute Einevoll and Hans Ekkehard Plesser.

Most material in the course will be taken from the book  “Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience” by Sterratt et al.

The PhD-version of the course (FYS488) gives 10 ECTS, and is taught together with the master course (FYS388). In addition to the master course curriculum, FYS488 will involve a project which is presented at the end of the course.

Application procedures

Participants who are not already registered NMBU-students, must apply to NMBU in order to take the course (as an “enkeltemnestudent”). The course code you should register is FYS488. 
Deadline for application is September 1st. 


For questions about the course, contact Gaute Einevoll:

Questions related to travel grants from Digital Life Norway Research School should be directed towards Liv Eggset Falkenberg:

Students admitted to other Norwegian institutions can apply for "enkeltemnerstudier" directly to NMBUs Admission Office by using the application portal - Søknadsweb. Questions can be directed to

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