BII Summer School 2022 - Innovation and commercialization of your science project

Following the success from the summer school in 2021, BioInnovation Institute, in collaboration with CBS Executive, is running another Summer School in 2022 to increase the understanding of innovation and commercialization among life science researchers.

Registration is closed.


The summer school is aimed at postdocs & young research group leaders and will provide a comprehensive and systematic overview of the most common aspects of commercialization assessments and planning of biotechnological innovations. The course is focused on making assessments and decisions about the commercialization of scientific innovations, potential products and technologies, and drafting a science-based business model. The program will include cases from the pharma and medical industries and industrial sustainability business. The course covers a broad set of topics including the innovation ecosystem, translation of technology, assessment of unmet needs, idea generation and evaluation, target product profile and minimal viable product, market and industry analysis, strategic value chain design, open and closed innovation, business models and confidentiality considerations in relation to patents.

After the course, the participant will have skills and competencies that enables him/her to meet the following learning outcomes:


  • Understand the overall commercialization process of science innovation
  • Understand technology features important for commercialization
  • Understand basics of unmet needs, applications, markets, and competitor analysis
  • Understand how to develop a strong business model for science innovation


  • Tools for planning a commercialization process for new science innovations, including an understanding of when to work in closed and open innovation settings and when to seek professional advice for more specific commercialization activities such as patenting and negotiation
  • Researching for market analysis and competitor analysis
  • Composing a business model
  • Create a pitch deck and pitching to stakeholders


  • Be capable of applying different commercialization models for different types of science innovations
  • Be a strong dialogue partner to professionals in the translational research ecosystem such as technology transfer professionals, patent attorneys, and investors

See also course overview. Moreover, the Summer School provides an excellent network opportunity for like-minded researchers. We include ample time for discussions and socializing.

This summer course is taught using a combination of lectures, interactive seminars, simulation training cases, and group work with an emphasis on case discussions in the class. The course places an emphasis on active participation. Several case studies, group work, and exercises are used in order to optimize learning and to prepare scientists for future opportunities of commercialization of research.

You can read more about the summer school here.

The course has a limited number of places available, and a few of them are dedicated to members of the Digital Life Norway Research School and DLN partner projects. Members of the research school or DLN partner projects should not register via the external web pages, only through our registration form. The Center for Digital Life Norway and the DLN research school will cover all expenses (fee, travel, accommodation) for members of the DLN research school and DLN partner projects.


Each application should include:

  • A cover letter specifying a clear motivation for participation
  • An abstract describing the science that could potentially form the basis for a business case
  • A short CV


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Written by:  Eric Juskewitz (UiT),  Melina Mühlenpfordt (NTNU),  Renate Hvidsten Skoge (UiB)



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Published Mar. 16, 2022 2:44 PM - Last modified May 16, 2022 3:34 PM