Writing up your PhD

This is a one-day workshop specifically for students in the final stages of writing up a doctoral thesis, and will cover topics important to finishing off a thesis.

Registration closed 3 December 2020.

Digital Life Norway Research School in collaboration with Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience, now offer 1 day digital workshops on scientific writing, tailor-made for PhD candidates and postdocs in biotechnology and neuroscience. The workshops are led by Dr Daniel Soule, an experienced academic writing trainer, and is aiming to provide structure, advice, and motivation for writing a paper for publication.

This workshop deals with tasks and issues important to finishing off a thesis, such as the difficulties of editing a large document and writing to deadlines.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to edit, formatting and proofreading the thesis
  • How to produce a detailed plan of what you have achieved and what you have left to do
  • How to create a timeline for a schedule of works 
  • How to create a synopsis of your thesis so far
  • How to talk about the thesis in your defense

The workshop will also shed light on important procedural issues around submission and examination.


Liv Eggset Falkenberg, liv.falkenberg@ntnu.no

Ragnhild I. Vestrum, ragnhild.i.vestrum@ntnu.no

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