Travel grants

Travel grants for courses and workshops.

As a member of the Digital Life Norway Research School, you can apply for travel support to participate in our supported PhD courses outside your hometown. 

Support is given according to the following rates:

  • You can receive up to NOK 2500 per round trip (travelling to/from Tromsø allows for a higher limit).
  • Documented hotel accommodation costs are covered up to NOK 1200 per night for the duration of the course (not Airbnb).
  • You can receive support for several courses.
  • We do not cover per diem/subsistence allowance.
  • If you can not find tickets or hotels within our rates, please explain this in your application.
  • Take care of the environment and travel by train whenever possible.

To apply for support, you need to be a member of the research school and apply before the course starts. Your application will not be processed without prior registration.

Apply for travel grant.

If your application is granted, you will receive a letter of confirmation. No reimbursements will be made in excess of the amount stipulated in this letter without prior agreement. Reimbursements are made only on the basis of original receipts, so please keep this documentation for later submission.

Published Mar. 17, 2021 9:13 AM - Last modified Sep. 16, 2022 12:12 PM