Services for Digital Life Norway projects

We offer guidance and support within research data management; cross-disciplinary and cross-projects activities; innovation and industry collaboration; responsible research and innovation (RRI); and career development. Please contact the advisers directly if you have any questions.

You may also apply for financial support from the centre within the areas mentioned above, and we have an overview of relevant funding from the Research Council of Norway and other sources.
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Data management

  • Help on writing DMPs 

  • Guidance on metadata standards, data deposition and data formats 
  • Training and support for the DM-platform SEEK/FAIRdomhub 
  • Guidance on selecting storage and computing platforms; including GDPR considerations 
  • Projects can apply to become part of the BioMedData PAL network and profit from direct interaction with DM experts from research infrastructures 



Projects with support from data management: dCod 1.0, BioZEment 2.0, DigiSal and DigiBrain 


Korbinian Bösl

Korbinian Bösl

Digital light
People sitting around a table with notebooks, pens, computers and coffee

Cross-disciplinary & cross-project activities

  • Creating platforms for transdisciplinary activities through workshops and meetings 

  • Facilitate interaction between research projects and relevant technological infrastructures



Marta Eide

Marta Eide

Marta Eide

Innovation and industry collaboration

  • Innovation support – develop a good idea further 
  • Assessment of project status and guide to “next steps” 
  • Support in developing a regulatory strategy 
  • Support on contacting TTO, relevant DLN projects and networks 
  • Support on business model strategy 
  • Support on funding schemes 
  • Training programs supporting innovation and commercialisation processes

Financial support


Alexandre Patriksson and Beate Rygg Johnsen

Alexandra Patriksson

Beate Rygg Johnsen

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Responsible research and innovation (RRI)

  • Science, technology and innovation shape the future. But what kind of future do we want? This question goes beyond science. RRI guides the work of the centre. Read our material on RRI.



Anders Braarud Hanssen

Anders Braarud Hanssen

Career development



Rosalie Zwiggelaar 

All other advisers are also involved in this work.

Combine several fields

You may also contact several advisers to get support from several fields.

Reference project with support from both data management innovation and industry collaboration: SmartSoil

Others support related to communications, events and administration will also be available for you if you work with the advisers on any of these fields. 

Funding opportunities

Relevant calls from others

Research Council of Norway

For the calls mentioned above with innovation aspects, you may reach out to our team for innovation and industry collaboration Alexandra Patriksson and Beate Rygg Johnsen for support.

European Research Council