DLN Board

The Centre for Digital Life Norway has a small and efficient board that make sure that the institutional strategies and development of DLN is followed up. The board represents an elevated perspective on the centre, and is geared towards making the work groups function well together. The DLN Board consists of one representative from each of the hub-partners, two representatives from the node-partners, and two representatives from industrial partners.

Picture of Finn-Eirik Johansen

Finn-Eirik Johansen

Chairman of the board, University of Oslo

Picture of Tor Grande

Tor Grande

Board member, NTNU

Picture of Eli Aamot

Eli Aamot

Board member, SINTEF

Picture of Gerd Nilsen

Gerd Nilsen

Board member, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Picture of Arne Smalås

Arne Smalås

Board member, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Picture of Emilie Lasson

Emilie Lasson

Board member, NorthSea Therapeutics B.V.

Picture of Marit Bakke

Marit Bakke

Board member, University of Bergen

Picture of Peder Heyerdahl Utne

Peder Heyerdahl Utne

Board member, Oslo University Hospital

Picture of Kari Kolstad

Kari Kolstad

Board member, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Øystein Rønning

Board observer, Research Council of Norway