The upgraded organisation for the second funding period of the centre – DLN 2.0 that started February 2021 – as described in the application to the Research Council of Norway. There might be adjustments as we get started.

Organisation chart

The competence hub that manages the centre consists of

  • the scientific director
  • the operational management team with senior advises from the owner institutions of the first funding period, NTNU, UiO and UiB
  • the expert task force with the professors/senior researchers from all seven owner institutions, NTNU, UiO, UiB, NMBU, SINTEF, OUS and UiT.  An important task of the expert task force is to anchor the activities of the centre in the host institutions.

The expert task force is in the making, as is a junior resource group and an international advisory committee that will be a resource for the whole competence hub.

Research projects

The centre has 35 research projects all over the country. The transdisciplinary research projects in the centre combine biotechnology with digital technology in health, aquaculture, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology. 

The interactions at the centre occur between the different research projects, and between research projects and the competence hub. The projects receive guidance and support from the operational management team with regard to data and models, collaboration across disciplines and projects, commercialisation, innovation, industry collaboration and responsible research and innovation (RRI) and change management and career development.