The Research

The uniqueness of the Centre for Digital Life Norway research projects lie in that they:

  • conduct transdisciplinary research and innovation
  • combine and merge approaches from biotechnology, matehematical sciences and engineering
  • are directed towards a biotechnological question related to a challenge of societal importance and they are guided by the principle of responsible research and innovation (RRI)
  • include the application or development of computational methods or theoretical and experimental modelling approaches from mathematics, computer science, physics and engineering as an integral and central part of the project
  • they do so to contribute to the further development of the mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering by incorporating or otherwise applying biological concepts and observations


The interactions at the centre occur between the different research projects, and between research projects and the governance and networking project. In order to safeguard inclusiveness and exchange, the centre has been organised in a manner that comprises all levels in its structure.

Research – The research projects deliver knowledge and innovation, and are represented by the project leader in the Project Leader Forum. The institutions hosting the research projects form the hub- and node-structure, and all of them are represented in the Partner forum.

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Centre governance and day-to-day operation – The networking project are in charge of the day-to-day operations at the centre. The networking project is divided into six work groups (focus areas): Governance, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Innovation and industry involvement, Training and recruitment (including the DLN Research School), Competence and infrastructure network, and Communication.

Governing bodies – The board of the centre has permanent seats for the three Hub-partners, two seats that alternates between the node-partners, and two seats for external members. The centre governance reports to the board.

Advisory bodies - In order to ensure inclusiveness and scientific excellence, the centre has established a Scientific Advisory Board, a Partner forum, and a Project leader forum.

Organisation map